Stuck on Stupid

There’s a really good reason that the “tea party” people make most pundits nervous.  They aren’t “conservatives”, although they most certainly lean right on the issue of health care.  They aren’t really “liberal” either, but most I gather wanted a “Black man” to occupy the top seat.

Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller, and president wannabes pretend to be one of them and all would love to think that the group is big enough to form a third party that can take on both the Dems and the GOP.

Hate to break it to ya all but the tea party that so scares and excites both the Left and the Right are Independents…the REAL majority that cannot get together long enough to form a party or be controlled.

Right now, this group is angry as all get out at the Left.  They have good, solid reasons for their anger.  The Left has had one year to take care of the things they care about…the economy, the courts, and terror.  Three things GWB and company EXCELLED in.

The only other VIABLE party, the party of REPUBLICANS are looking mighty good right now.

And what do the so called base do?  REMIND these voters what a terrible job Bush and the GOP did when they were in power!

Is this stupid or what?

I mean really, has NONE of them ever sold anything?  You don’t push YOUR product by constantly reminding the customer of how unhappy you are with the company (party) you belong to.  It says more about YOUR integrity and YOUR intelligence in remaining than it ever says about the party you are supposed to represent.

If you really want to show that you stand for principles…make sure that principles include loyalty…and if you can’t give that to a party, then PLEASE go create/join one that you can.

Leave the party of Republicans to Republicans, so that in 2010, those tea party and other Independents can freely join them when they put America first.

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