Brown: getting past stupid

I suspect that the Talk Show Mafia and pundits are correct…Brown isn’t a conservative.  Not in the “can’t win” way they insist in Tancredo, Santorium, Hayworth and others that couldn’t keep or gain their seats.

See, none of these understood one fundamental fact:  when you become the senator, congressman, governor, president, you represent ALL the people, not just your base.  If a candidate tells Independents and Democrats that they will push for an agenda and principles that these groups do NOT share or agree with, why on earth should they vote for the candidate?

Brown made his positions on key issues well known, issues SHARED by most.  They weren’t Liberal issues, they were issues that affected most of the people in MA and issues MOST cared about.  And to show just how past stupid this man is, he deliberately gave all sides the impression that he was willing to listen and learn for the good of MA and America by giving due to BOTH parties leaders.  His 200k miles truck told the voter that he KNEW how to stretch a dollar.  His kidding with his daughters endeared him to fathers (and grown kids) around the nation; he was just like them. 

And when he stared right at the camera and said that there are some things that there is no negotiating…like the economy and the war on terror…millions of MA voters felt justified in crossing party lines.

More importantly, millions in other states, all across the nation forgot about how the party of Republicans had so disappointed their “base. ”  This was like seeing a new smart phone…and thinking of changing back to an old carrier that really wasn’t that bad.

The only thing the party of Republicans–and those who support them–has to do is be there when the Malkins, Becks, Ingrahams, and their minions are trying to close the door and give all those Independents and cross over Democrats a conservative litmus test.  Tell them to step aside, the ONLY viable party that can stop the Dems as Brown stopped Obamacare wants to get off stupid, thank you.

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