Tea Party

The biggest threat to Republicans are not Democrats trying to degenerate the large groups they’ve labled “tea party”; it’s the Libertarina/pretending to be conservative that are trying to claim the tea party as their own.

Blog after blog and talk show hosts after entertainment radio gurus have gone back to their 2006 demand for conservative purity.  One writer states that the Independents have “learned” their lesson and have come running back to the conservative side.  Most state with as much conviction as the Dems who believed Scott Brown had won because the Dems weren’t libereal enough, that the way to KEEP the tea party people is to be MORE conservative!

This makes zero sense.  If the great numbers gathering in townhalls, parks, and most importantly, VOTING booths were conservative, we wouldn’t have a Dem congress and the biggest Liberal in the White House in living memory.  No, you cannot blame the large majority on Blue dog Democrats and Obama pretending to be a centalist and at the same time argue that being centalist is what caused the GOP to lose.

The fact is that the tea party was formed to counter two issues…Obamacare and jobs.  That’s it.  Sorry, while many care about gay marriage, abortion, gun rights, illegals, unions vs. capitalism, taxes, social programs, these issues rarely get the kind of numbers that Obamacare and the economy garners.

In 2006, Libertarins calling themselves the base of a party they had no loyalty to, told this majority that the GOP wasn’t fit to govern.  They called for a complete kick out of those running under the “R” banner. 

And because most Independents have neither the time nor the interest in politics, they gave the only other viable party their vote.

In 2010, this same group will give Republicans back the power.

IF, Republicans and those who wish to see sanity back in the WH and Congress do the following:

ADHERE to the Reagan 11th ammendment.  It is NEVER a good idea to tell the voters the negatives about your party.  Believe me, your enemies are only too happy to oblige in that area.  And no “honesty” doesn’t mean one has to act stupidly.

NEVER apply a conservative purity test to the majority that may not be conservative at all.  Remember that whoever wins need to represent ALL people in his area…the Dems and the Independents, not just those who agree with them.  Those who run under the Republican banner needs to understand that and express that to the would be voters…he/she will represent ALL Americans. Period.

GROW UP, in our form of government, a candidate that cannot work across the aisle, make deals, keep a secret, take from peter to pay paul, will NEVER succeed.  And as long as there are no term limits, no line veto, and complicated tax forms, a Mr. Smith goes to Washington will be eaten alive.

Lastly, shut down the extremes.  They not only turn off those who would be on your side and give you victory, but they scare those who are sitting on the fence.

You will know them when they claim to be the base of a party they have no loyalty to and when they demand zero spending.

Republicans have always understood that sometimes as in the case of outspending Russia that using tax dollars is necessary.  And that loyalty is sometimes the only thing left standing among a person’s principles.

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