Hijacking the Tea Party

A woman claiming to be a member of the tea party warned Michael Medved that the Republicans had better not try to hijack the Tea Party…


The chances are great that this woman was one of those who claimed to be the “base” of a party she had zip loyalty to, who had candidates she couldn’t stand and refused to support.  She ignored the fact that GWB and the GOP gave us the best economy in 3 decades despite TWO recessions and a war, stopped the barbaric partial birth abortion, and kept America safe for 7 years.  All she wanted to dwell on was illegals to the South, a bi-partisan bill that REQUIRED teachers to teach, and a social program that didn’t make seniors choose between eating and life saving drugs.

Now, her and her group of 3rd party wannabes are trying to take over the tea party.

The problem is…the tea party are INDEPENDENTS.  They don’t want to be a conservative.  They went stone quiet when Tancredo preached his illegals are the evil of this nation.  They even shrugged when speakers complained about the Bush and GOP years of spending.  Obama and his trillion dollar “budget” gave new meaning to the word “spending”…and some of them LIKE social programs like THEIR social security that gives them some independence from their grown up children.

In short EVERY card played on the Republicans, ain’t playing here.

Many are passionately pro-life…but some couldn’t care less.  Some are actually union workers and some may have previously voted Democrat.  Then there are most who DON’T worship at the altar of men long dead.  The last they heard about the signers of the constitution was in a high school text book.  And as hard as it is to believe, many don’t remember Reagan other than he made a nice speech about tearing down the Berlin wall.

They DO remember when most people had two or three job offers.  They recall McDonald’s upping their wages to get kids from working at Jack in the Box and when they could leave the really back breaking work to illegals.  They recall the days after 9/11 when every loud sound could be another attack and the picture of Saddam’s teeth will forever bring a smile.

And as they watch Obama and the do nothing (at best) Democrats and/or the mind blowing spending, they look toward the only other viable party.

They hear the same old tirade that turned them off.

But this time, reasonable Republicans are distancing themselves from the conservatives who claimed to be their base…the Losertarians who KNOW they cannot win with their measly 3%.

As an Independent, who has been trying to tell the party of Republicans for 4 years that the so called base only wanted to take over and ultimately destroy by making the GOP unelectable, let me say to this woman caller and her minions…

LAY OFF the only viable party that can stop the Dems from destroying this nation.  Go join/create your own party, one you can be loyal to and offer candidates you can support.

The Independents will NOT destroy the GOP and turn to you.  They understand that right NOW, out of all the parties out there, the ONLY one that is remotely adult and sane are the GOP.  They’re not perfect, but they don’t have to be.  As long as we have elections and Independents continue to be the majority, we will continue to elect those who will serve us all…Independents, Republicans, Democrats, and yes third party wannabes.

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