Grateful for McCain’s lost

I’ve spent a good portion of this year lamenting the lost of the election to Obama and wondering wistfully what America’s economy would be like with a tax cutting, never took pork President McCain and a VP Palin…

Then some guy subbing for Dennis Prager put it all in prospective…he said he had voted for McCain BUT he was glad that McCain didn’t win because McCain would only frustrate conservatives and Obama is showing the Independents what the Dems are all about.

And I realized that if McCain had won, conservatives (libertarians pretending to be Republicans) would have never let up; they’d have made the Bush bashing look like a lovefest.  And of course we all know what Palin would have been treated to by the MSM..

The 8 years of Bush bashing was hurtful, frustrating, and plain stupid.  You NEVER win by telling the voter how your side doesn’t deserve to win…this is NOT rocket science.  But Republicans got conned by the Losertarians bent on making Republicans as irrelevant as they were.  And they would have continued to do so until the party of Republicans was destroyed.

It took the lost of both houses of Congress and the White House before Republicans understood that people who had no pride in their party…who refused to even donned the label of being a “Republican” did not share their values of loyalty, honesty, and responsibility.

That when someone complained about a politician not being conservative enough…they meant not Libertarian enough.  Listen to these people carefully…they do not equate Republican with Conservative…the latter is always connected with a Libertarian.

Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, Dole, Palin, Graham, Rice, and especially McCain…they were REPUBLICANS and as GWB standing on the mound of the twin towers almost made me decide to be a card carrying GOP…McCain’s year long fight against Obama and company once again had me thinking of the party of Republicans. 

I am an Independent…the tea party type of Independent driven more by issues than ideology…the 40% that decide elections type of Independent.

And if McCain can make this one Independent think of joining the party of Republicans, then he’s done more for this nation than all the pretty words of conservative purity.

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