“Give me a reason to vote for McCain

…and stopping Obama and Hilary isn’t good enough” so says the anti-McCain left without a candidate to vote for.

How’s this?


Conservatives have spent eons complaining about run away government spending.  They haven’t even excused the fact that we are at war and never before has a government been expected to keep taxes low, the economy strong AND hold spending during war time.

If government spending; earmarks and pork barrel is your issue, you have 3 options this election: Hilary 300 MILLION plus earmarks…Obama 80 MILLION plus (he’s been in office only 3 years so give him time)…and McCain: ZERO.


McCain has been notoriously known to be against any type of government entitlement programs.  He even voted against Bush’s tax cuts because they did not include SPENDING CUTS. Conservatives, not liking tight fiscal fisted McCain, can vote for Hilary who didn’t see a tax she didn’t want to spend and Obama, who has admitted to not quite understanding how it all works, but has a dream–with a price tag yet to be determined.


Conservatives that care about the destruction of millions of unborn babies know what a few people sitting on the highest court of the land can do.  The next person sitting in the White House will pick anywhere from 3 to 6 new judges that will either cement Roe vs. Wade or throw that issue back to the people.  Those judges will also either find rights to gay marriages or uphold individual property rights.  They will maintain the intent of the 2nd ammendment or redefine it.

Again, 3 options: Hilary and Obama maintains a “right to abortion” and “gay rights”.  McCain was pro-life before Reagan, Bush I, and Romney changed their minds. 


Conservatives take pride in their determination in standing for their principles should admire McCain.  This is a man that has taken stands that wasn’t always popular or easy.  At times, he has had to go up against Monday night political quarterbacks who has never been in the game and don’t really know what was said in the huddle.

“Thumb his finger at the base” has been leveled at everyone who didn’t do the popular thing.

Conservatives can either vote for Hilary and Obama that can be swayed by the popular vote or McCain who isn’t afraid to stand on HIS principles, even if he has to stand alone.


We’ve all heard the rumors about the 3 choices’ character; most bad.  Conservatives may not necessarily condemn the bad nor be impressed with the good.  There is one “good” that I think hasn’t had enough play but may give “a reason to vote for McCain” if you’re the sort of person that goes in for endorsement and recommendations: McCain and his wife was asked by Mother Theresa (yep, the near saint to most Christians and humanitarians) to adopt one of her orphans. ‘Nuff said.


A complaint leveled at Bush was his non-combat experience.  Even though Kerry didn’t have a wife, especially one that was worth billions, at the time of his service, it was assumed that Bush’s lack of combat experience wouldn’t allow him to understand the psyche of the military for which he was Commander in Chief…nor empathize with the plight of a military family.

McCain, of course, can put up his over 2 decades in the military against Obama’s and Hilary’s zero service (the latter two didn’t even serve in the guard).

McCain understands military command, loyalty, trust, honor.  McCain spent years in a prisoner hell hole, refusing to leave his men…he doesn’t just comprehend torture; McCain understands a soldier’s ability to withstand what a civilian would consider unbearable cruelty.

McCain has EARNED the vote of every American, but would never demand it.

The War

Conservatives, with the exception of the Ron Paulites, understand that we can get it wrong on everything else but the war.

It doesn’t matter if we went to war because of faulty intelligence…it doesn’t matter if it’s all Israel’s fault.

When 9/11 dragged a self centered nation into the world of terrorism, ALL bets were off.  No truer words were said as that of Bush when he told the world that there are two sides…terrorists and ours.  You stand with them or you stand with us.


Conservatives can either stand with Hilary who changes the line upon the winds of public opinion, Obama who denies the line between them and us exists or should ever exist…and McCain, who knows exactly where that line is at all times–and has assured the terrorist and their allies what will happen to them if they cross it again.

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  1. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    Blogging McCain…

    I’ve had a bit of blogapathy the last few days, not to mention I’ve been busy doing some other stuff. Its just one of those cycles of burn-out that I’ve come to understand is not unusual for long-term bloggers. Regardless of that, I d…

  2. Christopher Says:


    This is a great site, I think I may move here as well. Townhall did a recent “improvement” so now we must scroll half way down to even get to our first post.

    You laid out the conservative case for McCain perfectly. I admit I’m not a “conservative” Republican and on some issues I’m to the left of McCain so it really is shocking to me that the McCain haters want a Democrat so bad who would be far worse for their beliefs. A democrat at his most conservative is still far to the left than McCain at his most liberal.

  3. admin Says:

    I’d love for EVERYONE to get out of TH and on to a more reader friendly site. I don’t know about you but my time is extremely limited and I find myself having to sneak in a blog or two between the many commitments I have on a daily basis. Graphic and ad laden web pages take more time than I have and are frustrating to boot.

    Yes, I still make time to visit your “Young Republican” site and “GenXdad”’s…but it would be awfully nice if you both went else where. My partner J.D. allowed me to use a subdomain of our company and this blog software and it loads like a dream.

    Chris, am I noticing a distinct disenchantment with the term “conservative”? I too, have for a number of months, bristled at that word; perhaps because of all the “qualifications” the purists attach to it, like a sainthood none of us can ever attain.

    Actually, the 2nd dictionary definition for “conservative” is MODERATE and the term coined for a political party was in OPPOSITION to a revolution. In other words, conservative was supposed to describe those who wanted to retain what was already there, NOT START a revolution that would bring people back to the old ways. As I told a Ron Paulite and “Constitutionists”, do we want to go back to the days when slavery and female apartheid was the norm?

    I believe that after 9/11, there were a lot of people like me…Independents that was willing to move to the Right and join the Republican party, but the hard Right drove us out with their sanctimonious demands to detail.

    They call it “principles”. I call it plain stupid.

    The GOP could have had Congress, the WH, and the Courts locked up for decades.

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