The Obama Move

The bases are loaded and everyone leaning Right are envisioning Republicans marching in to win the whole darn thing come November this year and 2012.

But while Obama may be incompetent and even stupid, those whose advise he has refused to take so far isn’t.  Come the 21st of this month, the Dems are going to get that last minute pitcher who just may deny the GOP the game, the series, the entire league.

On that date, Obama will offer the single largest racial group something that will bind them to Democrats for generations.  He plans to offer them a path to citizenship…a chance to never be sent back to their third world country and to eventually bring their families here, to the land of opportunity.

He will also remind Hispanics of the conservative vitriolic rhetoric that demanded that a Berlin type wall be put up in the south (but not the north) and that children born here be rounded up with their illegal parents and sent back to Mexico.  As a caller said to Michael Medved, it won’t matter what the Right thinks or wants…it won’t matter how right or wrong they were to only concentrate on brown-skin illegals and not the whites that subject America to a security risk on a weekend basis.  The fact is that those 10 to 20 million illegals will be given the opportunity to pay back their gratitude each and every election to the socialist Dems.

Gone will be your gun rights…the marriage definition…religious freedom…the overturn of Roe vs. Wade…and every other principle conservatives hold dear. 

If you think illegals use the ERs instead of the free clinics that ask no questions, you will REALLY go ape when those illegals gets on the entitlement train.

The best counter move the Republicans can make is to IGNORE this.  I am serious.  Any objection will remind minorities how bad the GOP Mexican rhetoric was just a year ago.  The fact is that the minority Republicans cannot stop the majority Democrats from granting full citizenship to Mexican illegals and no matter how Republicans call it, they will be seen as the party that hates Hispanics.  People do not wait for explanations as to why they or their loved ones are being denied.  They will see two parties: the Dems who wants to treat Mexicans as equals and the GOP that wants to kick them out.

But of course, the conservative talk show hosts and their minions will do what they did the last time they made GWB spend his political captial on this issue: turn against any Republican that doesn’t insist on rounding up Mexican illegals and shipping them out. You will have a replay of Bush’s last 2 years with this exception.

The Dems WILL pass it, the Hispanics WILL be grateful for generations, AND conservatives will be relegated to an insignificant and crazy, Hispanic hating minority.

I believe this is Obama’s “game over”

Only refusing to allow the losertarians to continue to speak for the party of Republicans may keep Obama from saying “go home.”


A note here: I know, conservatives will be screaming that we can’t give illegals amnesty.  A reality check here, YOU, the GOP does NOT have the ability to stop this.  The best Republicans can do is REMIND seniors that Dems are taking a HALF a trillion of their medicare to fund health care for people that have broken our immigration laws.  They should throw their hands up and simply say this is what happens when Dems get the majority; they are so busy trying to be a good world citizen, they forget about the American citizen.  That the GOP would concentrate on jobs for Americans…and national security for Americans…health care for Americans and the thriving economy for Americans.

But again, Republicans are NOT running the show now.  Democrats are.

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