Hijacking the “conservative” label

Our local talk show host had the head of the Hawaii Republican Chapter as a guest.  The man was pretty logical and I enjoyed his enthusiasm for the party but he began with some stats and a question I wish I was able to call in and answer (I was driving at the time.)

He said that in Hawaii, by a margin of almost 2 to 1, people call themselves conservative, yet at almost the same numbers, these very people say they vote Democrat.  He concluded that “obviously, the Republican party has a disconnect.”.

I wanted to tell him that when people call themselves “conservative”, they mean…conservative in how they dress, eat, drink, play.  They do NOT mean conservative as in Libertarian pretending to be Republican.

In fact, if Republicans bothered to ask the tea party people, they’d learn that most of them don’t care about illegals getting “amnesty”…they WANT the government to spend money as in Medicare and Social Security benefits.  In fact a huge part of the reason for that huge crowd that gave Brown and company their victories is because most of them are knocking on their own retirement and does not want to see a lifetime of “taxing” be cut just when they are about to collect.  You’d find that some of them are NOT pro-life, pro-gun, or even particularly interested in gay marriages.

Many years ago, Libertarians got tired of their 3% non important, no power numbers and joined the viable party closest to their ideals.  (See Ron Paul).  In 2005, pushed by entertainers like Rush, Beck, Ingraham, and Malkim…they began to separate “conservative” from “Republican”.   Thus “conservative” came to mean Reaganism, Constitutionalist, Ron Paulism…whatever Losertarians pretending to be the base of the Republican party wanted it to mean.  It also-happily extended to anyone using the term “conservative” as in a more conservative, less flashy manner of dress or action.

Unfortunately, as the Losertarians have separated conservatism from Republicans, so too has those who answer the poll question: “Do you consider yourself a conservative or a liberal?”  Which is why, when you take the “conservative” count, it does NOT register in votes for candidates running on illegal immigration issues or no government spending or a dozen and one losertarian ideals.

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