No Difference

For over 5 years, conservatives have been saying there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Of course, during the GOP Congress and WH, we sailed right thru 2 recessions with nary a bother on the voting public, we had near zero unemployment, great tax cuts that spurred the best economy in 30 years, and no attacks for 7 years.

Obama and his congress has made the recession longer, harder, and caused double digit unemployment. They stand ready to take over a sixth of our economy and add another entitlement program. America has alienated our allies and kissed the b*tts of our enemies. And every day, some nut talks about destroying our nation and our way of life.

I never did comprehend this idea that there is no difference between the two viable parties. As an Independent, I found the difference obvious and in the last year, PAINFULLY obvious.

As we sit on the day before this difference will practically be written in neon lights, I’d like to ask conservatives to tell me the difference between:

1- Liberals who insists on criticizing America, believing that only by being “honest” about America’s faults can America stop being something to be ashamed of…and Conservatives who insists on criticizing GWB, McCain, and all GOPs, believing that only by being honest about Republicans faults can the GOP be proper conservatives?

2- Conservatives who demanded that the GOP congress and WH use reconciliation to jam down their conservative agenda and was angry and vowed vengeance on those who refused to use the nuclear option…and the Liberal congress and WH who are listening to THEIR base who are demanding the use of reconciliation and the nuclear option to jam down their liberal agenda?

3- Liberal who can’t seem to let go of GWB and what the GOP did…and conservatives who can’t seem to let go of GWB and what the GOP did?

4- Liberals who turn against Lieberman for not towing their Liberal line…and Conservatives who turn against McCain for not towing their Conservative line?

Perhaps the reason why conservatives see no difference between Democrats and Republicans is because there is no difference between themselves and Liberals. Both see an America that belongs solely to THEIR ideology.

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