The Price of Honesty

I’ve noticed that some callers on the various talk shows have started to preach what some of us has for 5 years…Sandra from “A Word to the Wise”…Cindi from “The Pink Flamingo”…Sheila from “One Eighty”…that only in unity will the GOP win. One caller whined about the purist who insisted on staying home rather than vote for “that RINO McCain”.

Medved corrected him stating that the SAME amount of those called themselves conservative, who voted for GWB, ALSO voted for McCain. It was that all important Independents that moved to the Dem camp that gave Obama and his gang the victory.

Michael hasn’t thought this out. The question is WHY has Independents moved to the Left (other than those who just liked the idea of a Black president?). Could it be, is it possible, that those who claimed to be the base of the GOP while not having the numbers to actually bring victory (or deny it) to their candidates, CAN, by ADDING their numbers to the Left, convince the Independents that there is nothing worth voting for in the Republican party?

Anyone who has watched the media in action and understands the opinion making role of advertisements knows that you CANNOT sell something by tearing it down.

That is why, if you care about government take over…if you fear kowtowing to our enemies…if you are concern about our children’s future…if you care one iota about America, then stand with the Republican party and fight for her majority in Congress and the take back of the WH.
If you’ve never played party politics you need to start doing it NOW. Think of the GOP as you would America…do you see anything good coming from complaining about her faults to the world? Of course not, so why on earth would you think it is fine and upstanding to keep reminding Independents what a crapping job YOU believe GWB, McCain, and the party of Republicans have done in the last 8 years???

If ANYONE uses the word “but” as to “but Bush and the Republicans also spent, gave amnesty or whatever the complaint”, you need to treat them the SAME way you would if someone tried to qualify condemnation of a terrorist nation with a litany of America’s past sins.
There is a time and a place for “honesty”, but grown ups understand that we can be selective in our honesty. It doesn’t make us less honest, just intelligent enough to know that honesty HAS consequences.

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  1. sjreidhead Says:

    The problem is no one wants to be honest. I am having a discussion with my best friend about a local pol who is Republican, but he was appointed to fill a GOP term by Big Bill, who is a Dem. I think he should face a primary. Just honest.

    Keep up your good work!

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. admin Says:

    I believe that the important part now is to get that “R” because the majority gets to chair committees and choose a speaker of the House. Locally, it may make less of a difference, but nationally it means everything.

    I really think we need to get off this “honesty” kick and get more on to being realistic. Realistically, while conservatives worry about towing the party dogma, the Libs get to actually get their utopia set in motion ala Obamacare and being one with the thugs of terrorist regimes.

    I often tell people not to ask my opinion unless they want to hear the truth because I will not lie, even to make someone feel better.

    However, most people learn before they finish grade school, that honesty CAN and should be selective. If there is nothing to be gain but being mean from honesty, then the greatest “right” a person can excercise is to just shut up.

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