The Conservative-Liberal Mentality

It took a long time for me to comprehend the logic behind conservatives JOINING the Left in bashing Bush and the GOP.

Oh I heard all about “honesty” and “principles” and how being one excused the lack of loyalty being in the other.  But logically speaking, it made zero sense to try to sell a product (the GOP) while trying tell the customer (the voter) how really crappy the product was.

Then Obama came up with his nuclear concept of disarmament and all of a sudden, a light went on.

Obama believes as an old Leftist friend of mine said, “How can we tell others to not have nukes when we have them?”

Conservatives believe that we cannot tell Liberals to turn against their leaders and admit their faults unless they turn against Bush and the GOP and proclaim their faults to the last detail.  Like Obama and company, they believe that if they are honest about their party, this will encourage Liberals to do the same.

This is what I told my “friend”…”Just because sane people have guns (or nukes), does NOT mean we should allow INSANE people to have them.”

And this is what I am telling all those who insist on being an example of honesty:

That mushroom cloud you see…it’s our trillion dollar debt, health care, and soon to be chemical and dirty bombs dropping on our cities.

It’s also those millions of babies that could have been saved if our President had been a life time pro-lifer appointing his second Supreme Court retiree.

Harsh?  Oh but I’m being honest.

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  1. sjreidhead Says:

    Excellent commentary. Just remember, like Harpo Marx said in Duck Soup, “There ain’t no sanity clause!”

    The Pink Flamingo

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