How America sees the Illegal Immigration Issue - Part 1

As most of you know, I am in marketing which means that I tend to approach most things from the stand point of “selling” a product.  For the last 8 years, that “product” has been the party of Republicans.  It has not been easy, not because the MSM has been on a Bush and GOP bender–while quite extreme, it IS expected for most belong to the opposition camp, but because third party wannabes pretending to be the base has also had “Bush/McCain/Republican derangement”. 

For every Liberal that won’t let go of this derangement after nearly 18 months of Obama, there is an equal amount of “conservatives” that can’t either.  Every knock of Obama is pre or post “but Bush/the GOP did the same.”

It is truly idiotic because the difference between the two presidents and two parties are extraordinary and obvious, yet the comparison continues to be made; like a person refusing to condemn someone of perjury because he has told lies in his past.  It goes beyond ridiculous when one considers that the “product” they claim to represent has so much more features than the competition…features like strong military, family values, and sound fiscal ideology.

And they continue to point to the one feature they consider a “flaw”.

In the case of the GOP, that “flaw” is the illegal immigration issue.   It doesn’t matter that under Bush, illegal immigration FELL and that this president definitely WILL add 20 million Hispanic voters to the Dem column.  Those pretending to be “true conservatives” will continue to push this issue until everyone is convinced that the GOP is a party of old White, gun toting, bible thumping hicks.

Talk Show Mafia and their equally rating hungry pundits continue to preach to the choir, knowing full well that at the end of the day, their power and their relevancy will demand that their listeners/readers “hold their nose and vote Republican.”  Yet everyone of them KNOW that to win, they MUST garner the Independent and non-conservative vote.  Yet no one bothers to ask them.

So here’s a question:  which of the following is true?

1- Most Americans consider any kind of “path to citizenship” as “amnesty”.

2- Most Americans consider Mexicans as a threat to “national security”.

3- Most Americans want to deny citizenship to anchor babies, children born of illegals.

4- Most Americans want the jobs that illegals take.

5- Most Americans consider the illegal immigration issue on a par with unemployment, terrorism, Obamacare.

6- Most Americans understand that this is about breaking laws and NOT about racism.

7- Most Americans agree with the Arizona law’s of having non-Whites prove they are not here illegally.

Answer:  None.

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  1. sjreidhead Says:

    Very good work, excellent research. I may steal it!

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. admin Says:

    Please do, the point here is to get the message out and what better way than with YOUR readers.

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