How America sees the Illegal Immigration Issue - Part 2

Why do I believe the previous talking points are not true?

1- Most Americans consider any kind of “path to citizenship” as “amnesty”.

Most Americans HAVE broken laws; ie speeding, running red lights, parking and do not consider paying hefty fines as “amnesty”.  Sorry.

2- Most Americans consider Mexicans as a threat to “national security”.

Most Americans CAN tell the difference between Mexicans who take care of their lawns and their children with a work ethic that makes most American employers weep in gratitude and Moslems who think it’s ok to kill the infidel.

3- Most Americans want to deny citizenship to anchor babies, children born of illegals.

Most Americans cannot go beyond a second generation to find an immigrant ancestor.  While most came here at a time when Americans welcomed immigrants, the idea of denying anyone of their constitutional right of citizenship because you don’t like their parents is abhorrent.

4- Most Americans want the jobs that illegals take.

Most Americans have heard all about the $18 a hour maid or $24 a bucket of fruit that illegals are supposed to make, but very few are willing to do such back breaking work for any amount of money.

5- Most Americans consider the illegal immigration issue on a par with unemployment, terrorism, Obamacare.

Most Americans did NOT choose Illegal Immigration hawks like Santorium, Tancredo, Hayworth or even Romney when he switched sides and jumped on that wagon.  Even “conservatives” choose less illegal immigration activist like McCain.

They DID choose GWB in 2004 and the GOP in 2002 and 2004 over terrorism and will, if conservatives don’t blow it, choose against Obamacare come November.

6- Most Americans understand that this is about breaking laws and NOT about racism.

They would if the talk where of illegals in the Northern border or on our very porus ports.  As it is, they know, and the honest conservative know, it’s all about Mexicans.  They are fed up with Blacks thugs running our inner cities and being untouchable so they turn their attention to the criminal element of another race. 

7- Most Americans agree with the Arizona law’s of having non-Whites prove they are not here illegally.

Most Americans are old enough to remember when a group of people had to carry papers to prove who they weren’t.  They also remember a time when a wall was being asked to be torn down. 

2 Responses to “How America sees the Illegal Immigration Issue - Part 2”

  1. sjreidhead Says:

    This is just plain VERY GOOD!

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. admin Says:

    It is logical; something many conservatives just don’t get. Even in my business partner’s England where many of the people can trace their lineage 600 plus years, there is a distaste for throwing illegals out primarily because it reeks of racism.

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