The Truth about Winning

Notice something that both Scott Brown and Charles Djou has in common?

Neither are “true” conservatives, yet both managed to win in states that are so Blue that having a “D” in front of ones name is a requirement for winning.

Anyone who believes that a politician needs to be truly conservative in order to win does not understand democracy. 

A politician has to be able to represent ALL the people, even those that they do not agree with.

Both candidates believe in Republican ideals–but and here comes the really important part: understand that they are there by the will of ALL of the people.

When Conservatives JOIN with their Liberal counterparts to tell the public how terrible the Republican party is, the Dems take over Congress and the WH–and ultimately the SCOTUS.  When they learn what they are supposed to learn in grade school, that there is a time and a place for everything…and that uniting with others is the core foundation of the UNITED States…they WIN.

And WINNING allows one to push ones principles and ideology.

Losing only affords you to preach to the wind.

3 Responses to “The Truth about Winning”

  1. sjreidhead Says:

    Too bad we’re dealing with the increasingly irrational libertarian all or nothing mind-set which cannot see reason.

    Good work!

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. admin Says:

    My business partner J.D. pointed out that this may be different…because this time the Republicans themselves don’t appear to be buying the “conservative” mantra.

    I had lunch with a 92 year old cousin, 3 times removed today who stated that she is a Republican and is “deathly” afraid of Obama. She said that “we must get rid of him” which means voting for Republican period. All that other stuff (that conservatives complain about GWB and the GOP) doesn’t matter; we need to get rid of Obama and the Dems that wants to take away her social security and the pensions she’s worked all her life for.

    If the majority of seniors agree, then the hold losertarians have on the GOP won’t be as bad as it was.

    Let us pray.

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