The below was originally written in the comment section of Chris’ fine blog “Young Republican” and was so good (in my humble opinion-lol) I thought I’d print it here.

I have long held that we cannot afford a Democrat in the WH and now I am wondering if the Heavens (I am a Christian) also feel this is one of those times when the world cannot be left to the folly of humanity.

Think about it…mere weeks ago, the pundits were calling the WH for Clinton and McCain’s campaign didn’t even have enough people to man tables.

Now, what should have happened was Romney should be preparing to face the Clinton machine and looking like the lamb to the slaughter. Instead McCain has taken down the talk show media that bashed Bush for the last 4 years and contributed to the lost (in my opinion) of the GOP congress with their quest for conservative purity.

And Obama is blooding Hilary.

3 things have come about:

1- The TSM’s hypocrisy and desire for power above all else.

2- The Black use of racism.

3- The Feminist use of gender bias.

A Romney, Rudy, Fred, Huckabee could never have won against a Clinton AND a Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, Hewitt.

But a victorious McCain will look awfully good against a bloodied Hilary.

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