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Since lengthy replies are encouraged on Townhall blogs instead of the comment section, here is mine to John Hawkins’ 25 Examples of What America would be like if we were all Christian Conservative Tea Partiers.

1)      …There would be fewer regulations, lower taxes, a business-friendly environment, and a much smaller government that would lead to considerably stronger economic growth and job creation. In fact, we’d probably have to dramatically increase the number of work permits we hand out to foreign workers, not because there are “jobs Americans won’t do” (which don’t actually exist), but because so many Americans would be employed that we’d have to bring in more people to do all of the available work.

R) …If I recall there were such a time when so many people were offered jobs that McDonald’s had to pay more than minimum wage for their employees. It was during GW Bush’s time—and no the CCTP were STILL demanding that we ship out Mexicans. No work permits for anyone that couldn’t prove that their parents were legal.

2)      …The richest Americans would have more money. Of course, so would the middle class and the poor. In fact, the only Americans who wouldn’t benefit economically would be the Americans who spend their lives relying on the government, instead of their own effort, to pay their bills.

R) …Yep, we’d go back to the days when poverty was shameful…and if YOU or someone in your family lost their job, then YOU or a family member would have to take from their own families’ resources to support the person in need. And by God, they better be grateful!

3)      …We’d have some form of a Balanced Budget Amendment to insure that we don’t have a deficit or a debt.

R)…All we have to do is have the people who love to spend our money agree to be held accountable. And if that time ever comes, when they take from you and yours, you will understand why you have to step up instead of relying on the government to help.

4)      …We’d have a much flatter, simpler tax code that you could fill out on a single sheet of paper.

R),,,And everyone family who claims their mortgage and their kids will love having to not deduct from their tax burden.

5)      …Welfare and food stamps would still exist, but there wouldn’t be as much need for them, it would be considered shameful to take either, and you can be sure that people would have to work for every hand-out they receive.

R) …Absolutely, they will go to Church groups and other charity organization where the people can feel superior for still being employed and having enough to donate. On the other hand, no one appreciates what they do not earn, so those who find it beneath themselves to beg, should earn their welfare and food stamps money by helping charity organization pass out food and stuff to the poor.

6)      …Social Security would be privatized and invested. That means the people who put nothing in would have nothing to take out, but the people who do pay in would have a lot more money to withdraw.

R)…And those who will be investing the Social Security funds, are these the same people who tanked the economy in 2008?

7)      …We’d still put some research money into alternative energy, but we’d also work to build a lot more nuclear power plants and we’d encourage private industry to produce more clean coal and natural gas. Oil would also be much cheaper because we’d have already drilled ANWR, the keystone pipeline would be built, and we’d be opening up federal land to environmentally responsible drilling at every opportunity. This would lead to much lower energy bills for the average American.

R)…Now this is one area that SHOULD be privatized. Companies, whose bottom line is to make a profit has every reason to see that their research money is well spent and to succeed. Government should give huge encouragement pending actual results via tax breaks. Something like 10% off corporate tax for 20k employed and another 15% for so much energy produced.

8)       …We’d have the same sort of “loser pays” legal system that’s practiced in much of the rest of the civilized world. That would dramatically reduce the number of lawsuits and the cost of legal insurance.

R)…With one exception, both parties must agree to mediation first in the case of serious injury or death. I would hate for the victim to not be compensated because they can’t find or afford a lawyer.

9)      …There would be a lot less government workers and the ones we’d have would make less on average than the taxpayers paying their salary.

R)…Unfortunately a huge number of the voting population is employed by the government and if they had to choose between their Christian Conservative Tea Party principles and feeding their family and/or their relatives…ah guess who loses?

10) …Health care would be much cheaper and more efficient because you could buy insurance across state lines; we’d have tort reform, health care savings accounts, and tax credits for health care would go to individuals instead of companies, which means that you wouldn’t lose your insurance if you lose your job.

R)…This would only work if you have a good job and can afford insurance period. Not to mention health care savings accounts and can use tax credits. Most people are using their money for things like mortgages and food.

11) …The fence would be built, the border would be secure, anyone who overstayed his VISA would be tracked down and deported, and illegal aliens who did make it into the country would be forever barred from visiting here legally or becoming citizens.

R)…Notice that fence did not have an “s”. What happen to the Northern Canadian border? Don’t we want ALL borders secure?

12) …Legal immigration would be faster, cheaper, and much more efficient. We’d also be selecting new American immigrants based on merit instead of rewarding people for breaking our laws or allowing them to come here because their son or cousin already managed to become a citizen.

R)..The problem in “selecting” is that the majority of Americans are the descendants of immigrants that were not wanted in the countries they left. Most fled poverty and had nothing to offer this nation. There’s a part of every voter that cringes when talk of being selective comes around. They know that luck-and God had so much to do with their own citizenship. Which is why the illegal immigration issue is a loser.

13) …English would be the national language.

R) …It is not only the national language; it’s the international language. Instead of regulating the language; children of non-english speaking parents should be told bluntly what children all over the world is taught, without speaking English, you will not succeed. 

4) …People would look at you like you’re an idiot, as they should today, if you suggest that the Constitution is a living document. You’d also see a lot more Constitutional amendments because the Supreme Court would stick to the law as written unless it was amended.

R) Speaking of idiots…the opposite of “living” is dead. Nothing dead can be changed and guess what was changed 27 times? Yep, the Constitution.  It’s also rather ironic that the very people who insist on doing what the Founding Fathers (many which were slave owners) laid out for us expected future generations to abolish slavery via a document that was binding and was to never change.

15) …The crime rate would be so low because of the lack of criminals and the prevalence of guns that in much of the country, people wouldn’t bother to lock their doors.

R)…But the price of guns would go up as criminals buy bigger and badder guns than law abiding gun toting citizens so they can continue to steal, kill, and do drugs.

16) …The death penalty would be applied much more liberally for terrible crimes and it wouldn’t take 15 years of appeals to carry it out.

R) Now this IS something that should have loser pay. Whatever lawyer believes that a serial killer, rapist or pedophile should continue to prey on society should be wiling to pay for court costs, bail etc.

17) …All people would be welcome to practice their religious faith with no official state-run religion, just as the Founding Fathers intended. So, yes, you could have a manger in front of the town hall at Christmas and the Ten Commandments on a court house wall, and teachers in public school could teach from the Bible in class when it was appropriate.

R)…And the same for other non-Christian religions and faiths. And if a Koran defaced is punishable by death, so should be the penalty for defacing a cross, or the American flag.

18) …Not only would there be no gay marriage, we’d be taking steps to strengthen marriage — like getting rid of no-fault divorce and it would be acknowledged that a mother and a father would do a better job of raising kids than any other combination.

R) …So what does a spouse do with a cheating spouse who wants to leave for a younger model or wants to continue to sleep around and doesn’t care if he/she gives the loving spouse a disease? What does one do with an abusive spouse?  Do we really want to go back to the slug ‘um in court days? Good grief, divorce is painful enough without dragging the whole thing in court!

19) ….Children would be taught abstinence in school, having kids out of wedlock would be frowned upon, and abortion would be legal only in the case of rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother.

R) Agreed. But why is abortion wrong? If it is because it is the killing of a baby, then why is it ok in the case of rape and incest? It IS still a baby being killed no matter how it was conceived.

20) …Kids would start out school with the Pledge of Allegiance and a daily prayer.

R) With an explanation of what and why. Kids need to know that people died for this nation and the part of all good citizens is to pledge our allegiance and to thank God, in whatever manner taught to us by our parents.

21) …We’d have school vouchers so that we could introduce competition into our school systems and allow all parents to send their kids to the same kind of schools that the rich do today. We’d also spend a lot more time teaching kids reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and economics and spend a lot less time worrying about their self-esteem.

R)…Actually, we need to have teachers be accountable…as in real life, no results, no pay.

22) …You wouldn’t have terrorists, communists, and people who hate America teaching at our universities.

R)…And they’d be no blacklist; people cannot be banned on accusation alone; they must be proof that they are teaching anti-American views.

23) …Racism would practically be non-existent, there would be no need for the NAACP, LA RAZA, or Affirmative Action and people would, “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

R)…Is that why Christian Conservative Tea Partiers don’t talk about securing the White, Northern border where there are tons of Muslim communities and a nice Liberal government that doesn’t believe in the death penalty? Is that why when they talk about illegals, they mean Mexicans not boat loads who arrive from poor European countries? The Race Card is alive and well, so is the class card; it is being passed to Hispanics because the Blacks uses it to get into Ivy league schools and being promoted - and because CCTP continue to let those cards be used.

24) …We’d have safe water, safe food, clean air, and a clean environment, but we’d put an end to the years of legal challenges to new building projects and people having their land declared a “wetland” because the ground gets soggy for a few days a year.

R)…This from a group that doesn’t realize that much of the safety came from regulations and from government who wouldn’t mind their own business.

25) …There would be no public unions. Private unions would, of course, still exist, but no one would be forced to join and employers, if they so desire, would be able to fire everyone in the union and get a new work force.

R)…Agree on public unions as they do not risk the same as private unions; the employees agreed to be “public servants”. But private unions actually saved capitalism. They came about not out of the goodness of a Liberal government but because most of the civilized world was turning to communism or socialism. EVERYTHING today’s worker takes as a right was given to them by some guy who risk life and the livelihood of their families to fight for them. Do you think any company back then was willing to take from their profits to pay a worker for 2 to 4 weeks of non work a year so he could get some rest? Or pay time and a half after 40 hours? Or a worker that is ill or for a worker after years of employment, money to live on in their golden years?

Ironically, when the company was forced to share a piece of the pie with the workers, the rich got richer. Why? Because instead of only 10 people being able to afford cars, refrigerators, washing machines…thousands could afford them, so companies had to be expanded and people hired and soon there was extra money and now pleasure items had to be made and vacations created.

Communism and Socialism doesn’t work because sooner or later, those funding the have-nots go away. For a look at how Capitalism unchecked works, see Charles Dickens world or third world countries where the haves live in luxury and the have-nots are really poor.

It is a lesson of history that the poor will only remain so for so long. Eventually as they did in Russia, China, most of Europe, the poor rise up and demand relief and will follow someone who promises them food and dignity. At the time when the ability to unionize became a right, America faced a similar group of unhappy poor.

Unions became the check to the uncaring wealthy and when the latter gave some dignity to their workers, capitalism, responsible and accountable,  gave birth to the class known as “middle”. This class pays for the poor so the wealthy doesn’t have to do it alone to keep them at bay; it also buys so that the wealthy stays rich.

 This article made me take a second look at the other side of the political coin. Both sides have very little understanding of the other.

 As a member of the largest voting block (Independents), all I can say is THANK GOD that most Americans are neither Progressive Move on Liberals or Christian Conservative Tea Partiers.

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