The Jeb Bush fumble

First of all, let me say I really wished Jeb did not want to run for President.  I hope Condi also doesn’t get dragged in because the Conservative media and their minions still don’t get it.  You can lie to the voters because we have all told lies; you can flip flop on issues because it shows that you can bend when need be.  What you cannot do, the unpardonable sin is to be disloyal.  It is the first lesson taught in your family, the “principle” to which your circle of friends hold, and it is the value that makes every entity strong.

When Conservatives joined their Liberal counterpart in bashing Bush and all things Republican, they looked ugly and no one wanted to be a part of them.  THAT is what lost elections–and why the tea party has no clout.  But like the Liberal elites who to counter their own refusal to fight in Vietnam and therefore made the only war America has ever fought, a bad war that we had no business fighting much less winning, Conservatives try to justify their disloyalty to the terrorist war by insisting that the Iraq war was wrong.  They will continue to bash Jeb on this issue and he cannot win unless he is willing to put them in their place.

The question posed to Jeb would have been IF we had done nothing and WMD had killed thousands in L.A. or Chicago, would have been “after 9/11, after EVERY reputable intelligence agency in the world said Iraq had WMD, when Saddam Hussein himself said he had them and wanted to destroy America, how could your brother NOT invade Iraq?”  Every honest person KNOWS that President Bush could NOT have risked NOT invading Iraq.

The answer to Kelly’s question should have been “Yes, I would have, because  I wouldn’t have risked America lives.  Because not one intelligence agency “knew” what we know now…and because 3000 Americans just died for what we did not know.”  But Jeb thought the risk was understood; that intelligent people don’t go into hypothetical questions without including the basic premise of choice: risk verses possibility. The reaction by the Conservative media to his answer sought to remove that basic premise and in so doing, tried to leave him, his brother,–and America, with the only option that the invasion of Iraq was wrong.  IF the world’s intelligence had been right, NOT going in would have been wrong, DEATHLY wrong.  THAT is the factor they sidestep.

Then there is the ”the Middle East is none of our business” crap.  In the late 30s, Hitler was killing millions of people.  The rest of the world had an excuse; the average person had no knowledge of what was going on.  We, in the 21st century, with internet cannot make the same excuses.  Just how many people have to be burnt, heads chopped off, babies killed, and girls raped before it becomes “our business”?  If America doesn’t stop this terror, who will?  Does evil have to land on our shores and kill Americans before we do something?

I’ve been told that America lacks the will to fight another war; I beg to differ.  I think America is getting sick of being seen as weak and undependable.  It is getting beyond embarrassing.

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