The Shame of not sending our children to war

Melissa Francis on Outnumbered was forced to admit she did not want to send her sons to fight Isis.

Then to admit, that made her feel ashamed.

No one asked why the shame.  Andrea Tantaros who strongly believes that we should stay out of the entire Middle East, insisted that it was a war that did not involve us.  I found it strange that this strong belief did not ask why Melissa felt shame in not wanting to send her sons to fight for something that was clearly wrong (in Andrea’s view) and for which Andrea had “rest her case”.  The answer could be found in the guilt of the world after the end of World War 2 when the true horror of Nazism was revealed.  The world had an excuse; most did not know.

We of course, have no excuse.  The average person has internet and with it, the ability to know exactly what horror those people are inflicting.  We see the  killing of children, rape of women, beheadings, burnings.  Yes, we know that if we do not stop such barbarism, they will take over the Middle East, Europe, and then come for us.  And then we will be willing to send our children to war because we have no choice.  Andrea Tantaros, I suspect also KNOWS why we fight; she knows the risk the terrorist pose on our way of life.

But beyond all pragmatism, there is this.  We as a nation have been given great power.  We ARE the world’s sole super power.  In that responsibility comes this one haunting thought: if America (as Andrea insists) shouldn’t have to take the burden of saving the world just because no one else can, does that mean America can refuse the guilt that comes from the fact that we could have stopped evil but did not?

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