September 11, we forgot

It was a day many Americans claim they would never forget.

But we did.

Every time we disrespect a  police officer, we forget the officers that ran into the Towers.

Every time we say going to war was not worth our military and our treasure, we forget that 3000 people died and America was in terror and that this was the price we were forced to pay so that more Americans in our homeland wouldn’t die.

Every time we say that we should stay out of the Middle East and it’s not our problem, we forgot that on September 11th, the Middle East and their terror came to US.

Every time we talk about a racist America, we forget that on 9/11, a White man addressed the nation to bring calm  and 14 years later, a Black man addresses the nation in remembrance of that day.

Every time we talk about division, we forget that Democrats and Republicans held each other on the steps of the capital and sang God Bless America.  That on that day, there was no White or Black, no Rich or Poor.

Every time we talk about the separation of Church and State, we forget that the entire State prayed and asked God to Bless and protect us.

Every time we talk about an evil America who owes the world an apology, we forget that the world stood with us in a moment of silent prayer and Britain played America’s anthem.

Every time we attempt to work with those that say ”death to America”, we forget that such a threat was real and in the after math, George W. Bush, the cowboy, told America and the terrorist that they would hear from us.

We forget how quickly we were able to take down terrorist and how quickly the world we knew was given back to us.  We forget the sigh of relief when America finally took terrorism seriously because the world had dealt with such murders for decades.

It was a day when the lion finally rose and attacked.

We promised ourselves that we would never again be caught sleeping.

We didn’t expect to be caged by political correctness and tolerance that only went one way.

We in fact, forgot.

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